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Studio Feature List

Below is a detailed list of features provided by the Studio plugin.


Studio World

  • Start VS Code: Initiates Visual Studio Code within the Package folder.
  • Regenerate Placeholder: Refreshes the placeholder file located in the package.
  • Server Hot Reload: When enabled, the plugin checks for changes in the package file and automatically performs a hot reload within the editor.
  • Publish:
    • All: Cooks and publishes both the world asset and package.
    • Package: Only publishes the package.


Studio Assets

  • Open Creator Exchange: Display the creator exchange where assets created by other users can be imported into the project.
  • Import Asset: Allows users to import asset packs that have been downloaded.
  • New Package: Initiates the creation of a new server package.
  • New Asset Pack: Initiates the creation of a new asset pack.
  • New Item: Initiates the creation of a new item.
  • Publish Asset: Cooks and uploads to the HUB a specified asset pack.