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Basic HUD (HTML)

How to add a basic HUD using HTML + JavaScript + CSS to display the character’s Health and Ammo based on CS:GO HUD

Chat Colors

Learn how to use and print colored messages to the built-in chat


How to create a simple and automatic door when Characters move in

Gravity Gun

How to create a simple Gravity Gun to move Props around

Painting Meshes

How to use the new Material customization methods available to use

Play As Prop

How to simulate a Prop possessing using a Character. This can be used for Prop Hunt game-modes!

Prop Rain

How to create a rain effect with Props (boxes) falling from sky once a Character enters a Trigger

Prop Shooter

This sample code modifies a Weapon to make it shoot Props instead of normal bullets

Weapon Flashlight

This sample code attaches a Light to a Weapon to make a Flashlight attachment.

X-Ray & Highlight

This sample code shows how to set Actors to be highlighted when behind walls, or always highlighted!