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Default Asset Pack List

HELIX provides a default Asset Pack already included in the base game, feel free to use the assets the way you want!

In order to use those assets, you need to use the key helix. E.g.: helix::SM_Cube.

You can hop to Default Materials, Default Particles or Default Weapons pages to detailed information on their default items.

# Assets Files
# Maps
BlankMap = "Maps/BlankMap/BlankMap"
OceanMap = "Maps/OceanMap/OceanMap"
EmptyMap = "Maps/EmptyMap/EmptyMap"

# Static Meshes
# Default
SM_Cone = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Cone"
SM_Cube = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Cube"
SM_Cylinder = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Cylinder"
SM_Plane = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Plane"
SM_Sphere = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Sphere"
SM_Capsule = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Capsule"
SM_Pipe = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Pipe"
SM_QuadPyramid = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_QuadPyramid"
SM_Torus = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Torus"
SM_TriPyramid = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_TriPyramid"
SM_Tube = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Tube"
SM_Wedge_A = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Wedge_A"
SM_Wedge_B = "Props/BasicShapes/SM_Wedge_B"

SM_Ball_VR = "Props/VRShapes/SM_Ball"
SM_Cube_VR_01 = "Props/VRShapes/SM_Cube_01"
SM_Cube_VR_02 = "Props/VRShapes/SM_Cube_02"
SM_Cube_VR_03 = "Props/VRShapes/SM_Cube_03"
SM_Pyramid_VR = "Props/VRShapes/SM_Pyramid"