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Prop Shooter

This sample code modifies a Weapon to make it shoot Props instead of normal bullets

Add the following code to Server/Index.lua file inside the package.

--Create weapon
local new_weapon = Weapon(Vector(600, 0, 250), Rotator(0, 0, 0), "helix::SK_AK47")

--Setup Prop Shooting
new_weapon:Subscribe("Fire", function(weapon, shooter)
local control_rotation = shooter:GetControlRotation()
local forward_vector = control_rotation:GetForwardVector()
local spawn_location = shooter:GetLocation() + Vector(0, 0, 40) + forward_vector * Vector(200)

local prop = Prop(spawn_location, control_rotation, "helix::SM_Sphere", 1)
prop:AddImpulse(forward_vector * Vector(10000), true)

To add a character, add this code from the initial setup page.